Want to speak English fluently?

Our face-to-face Spoken English course is designed to help you achieve a natural speaking style, as well as gain confidence in speaking English. With our Spoken English modules, you will talk, practice and improve your pronunciation and intonation. 

With Spoken English course, you will:

  • practice your English and achieve greater fluency and accuracy.
  • learn to use English in a spontaneous way, making use of natural pauses. 
  • debate with fellow students and make presentations in English. 
  • acquire the necessary confidence to communicate and connect in diverse contexts

Certificate Course in Spoken English refers to the basic language specialisation program in English which is designed to enable the learners to cope with daily situations. 

It is basically a certification or a diploma course, the duration of which may vary from 3 months to 1 year.

The Certificate Course in Spoken English mainly emphasizes on providing the basic understanding of the language to the students. 

The course is primarily designed for those students who are beginners in English. The basic objective of this certificate course is to gradually develop their LSRW- listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through the communicative approach of teaching and learning.

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