Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most innovative and exciting careers for all aspirants. Suppose you wish to pursue your career in Fashion Designing before your degree the Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation is the best fashion design college in India. We offer all the aspirants Diploma in Fashion Designing after the 12th standardthat would help them became self supporters for further studies or otherwise. Hence, it is one of the most exciting careers worldwide. Our Fashion Designing Coursesenable you to explore the fashion industry. It gives coverage to the students in areas like:

• Fabrics
• Color
• Designs
• Styles
• Texture
• Pattern making and
• Others

All the topics mentioned above help the student learn the various methods and design clothes stylishly. The curriculum includes the topics like:

• Fundamentals of apparel fashion design
• Fashion sketching
• Basics of textile manufacturing
• Sewing techniques
• Garment construction
• Fabric analysis
• Fashion accessories
• Draping techniques, etc.

Owing to the high demand in the fashion industry, there is tremendous scope for people who are passionate about becoming fashion designers. Protech makes every student professional by teaching them all the required technical skills from designing to outsourcing the product. Students interested in success in this field can pursue the proper fashion designing our design at the Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation

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