Knowledge of C++ and C can help you understand most modern-day programming languages easily. The Programming Using C and C++ certification course aim to make you well-versed in the versatile C++ and C languages.

The Programming Using C and C++ online programme by Protech Computer Academy covers all the major dimensions of basic and intermediate programming. You will understand procedural and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts in detail. These include objects, control flow, operators, polymorphism, file handling, etc.

Moreover, you will explore topics like functions, arrays, linked lists, encapsulation, etc. During the Programming Using C and C++ online training, you will build simple applications like an ‘Attendance System’ and an ‘Event Planner’. Thus, you will study the application of programming to solve complex problems.

Protech’s Programming Using C and C++ online course offer 86 hours of training content. You will learn through live online classes, case studies, assessments, self-paced learning content and faculty engagement.

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